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Team Fox Crew

Has been crewing for nearly as long as me. Has numerous nicknames, Berg, being the most respectable. Auto sparky by trade and loves the fiddly crap. Loves a good argument and his crappy DB beer. Engaged to Juanita with 2 kids. A top man.

Rocket Ronny Blom - What can you say about this guy! Anybody who knows Ron will know what I mean. He supplies the energy to the team and does not know the meaning of failure. He is like a dog with a bone and when he gets on a mission clear the decks or there will be trouble. If you could bottle and sell what Ron is on you would make a fortune. We would be lost without him.

Nicknamed Bandsaw because his snoring is the worst I have heard (especially after he has had a few). Trying to find people willing to share with him while we are out of town is getting more difficult so he may have to start sleeping in the trailer. Must have more friends than me because he sends a lot of texts!. Bloody good man on the crew and his help is greatly appreciated. Family man now so thanks must go to other half for still letting him out to play at the weekends!

Fredo is well known by most in the stockcar ranks as the peddler of #68a. Has been known to cause a bit of carnage in his time and enjoys the rough and tuff of the modified section. Is a hands on type of guy and gets stuck into things. Assists me greatly in winding Foxy up like a clock prior to race meetings. I can’t always be there so his help in this area is appreciated! Also a family man like most of us so enjoys escaping to the track come summer.

Jamo - You can't really talk about yourself so I am not going to bother except to say I have been helping out for a long time and wouldn't do it if I wasn't enjoying it. I must thank her indoors, Maureen, and my two kids, Nicholas and Megan for not minding that when summer rolls around I don't have as much time to spend with them.


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