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  Change of plans.

Team Fox are pleased to announce a new sponsorship deal that will see Foxy compete in a new J&J chassis for the 2007/08 season. The intention was to tidy up and campaign the Raceworks chassis that we have run for the last 4 years, but an offer that was too good to turn away was made by Daniel Haigh from Haigh Blocks Ltd to campaign the new J&J Factory chassis the same as Allan Haigh's championship winning car from last season.

Daniel is the New Zealand agent for J&J and extensive work has been done with regard R&D on a chassis made to New Zealand's modified specifications. The result is an impressive piece of work and we have no doubt that the full potential of these chassis has yet to be seen. We are excited about being part of the development process and we know that the combination of Foxy and the J&J chassis will result in a force to be reckoned with for the upcoming season.

The team sponsors will stay the same as last year but we will be making space on the car for both Haigh Blocks Ltd and J&J Autoracing as consideration for the great support they have given us to make this upgrade possible. The colour scheme of the new car is currently being debated and a change is not completely out of the question.

The Raceworks car has been sold as a complete roller less engine and will stay in Auckland which is great for our home track as it means another competitor in the modified section.

We are looking forward to working with Daniel in promoting the new car and will enjoy the new challenge of getting up on the pace with a 4 torsion bar car. This will be a new experience.

With Foxy consistently showing some of the quickest laptimes last season at all the tracks we competed at you can rest assured that this decision was not taken lightly. We believe that with the advances made in chassis design and tuning over the last few years, changing to the new chassis will make Foxy even faster than last year…. We will need to be!

There is no doubt that this coming season will be an interesting one and our main aim is to recapture the 1NZ title. As I explained in previous updates, we intend to leave no stone unturned in trying to accomplish this and total focus will be on the new J&J 11a (3NZ) modified. All going to plan we intend to make Waikaraka Parks first practice of the season.

Photos and updated progress reports to follow

Team Fox


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