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  Waikaraka 3/11/07

Finally an uninterrupted meeting!

Reading the weather forecasts for all of last week you would have bet your last dollar that Saturdays meeting would not have happened…. Goes to show how useless our so called weather forecasters are!!

Saturday night was clear and warm at Waikaraka Park and a reasonable size crowd gathered for the annual fireworks meeting. Mod numbers were are tad disappointing to be fair but it is early days yet and by all accounts the next meeting at the park with mods should see greater numbers. Thanks to 97h Matt Hazelton for being the sole out of town supporter on the night, it was appreciated.

With only 7 cars in attendance we volunteered to run off the back all night as all we really wanted to do was try the car out on different track conditions as the night went on. Be fair to say that the track conditions were not great, in fact they were terrible. The ruts were dangerous and it really put paid to any exciting racing as it became a track with really only one race line. The club need to address this problem urgently as there are meetings coming up which will have a far greater number of cars running on it. These meetings are also national events and deserve reasonable track conditions. The first of these is the North Island Modified Champs on the 15th December and if my numbers are anywhere near close I think we will see near on 30 mods attend this meeting. Put 15-20 mods out on a track like Saturday's and you will get carnage. Hardly what is wanted for a national title. Let's hope they put the effort in before then and get it right.

The first two races we had where difficult, as well as having to negotiate the track conditions as outlined above, we had to negotiate a wet race line as well as water was put down prior to both these races. This made the first 5 laps of the race a waste of time as passing was near impossible. As the track dried a little progress was able to be made. Race 1 it took 7 of the scheduled 10 laps to get into 2nd and with 86a Glen Hughes having a half lap lead by this stage it was always going to be an uphill battle to challenge for the win. Surprisingly Foxy made massive inroads and was right on Glen's hammer come the finish of the race. Glen taking it by a wheel. Well done Glen for your first ever win in the modified section.

Race 2 was more of the same but this time we found ourselves chasing down 6a Brian Jesen who got to the front early. Again we were short and had to settle for second. The feature race was better. The powers that be agreed not to water the track before the race and this allowed Foxy to make better use of the earlier laps. Again Brian got to the front first from his more favorable grid start but this time Foxy was able to get thru the traffic faster and he was able to make a clean pass on Brian early in the race and pull away for a comfortable win.

We learned a lot about the car on Saturday and have a better idea on what changes need to be made during the night. The car has a massive amount of potential and Foxy's lap times are nearly a full second quicker than the cars we are currently running against. We believe that the car still has the ability to go significantly quicker yet and we wait with baited breath to see the thing go on a reasonable track.

This week we head to Taranaki to support the locals with their Taranaki Champs. Foxy is the current Taranaki Champ and we look forward to giving it our best shot in retaining the title. This won't be easy as the locals have displayed good speed this year all ready and with Tama heading up things will turn up a notch. This will be the best chance the other guys have of beating us this year as we are still in learning mode with the new car. If they don't get us this week then they may feel a bit concerned about the meetings later in the season when we will have had more track time with the car.

See ya in the Naki!

Team Fox


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