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  Waikaraka 25/11/06

Pace starting to hot up!!

I hope that those out there that thought it was all too easy for Foxy at the moment were at the Park on Saturday night! 9 cars fronted and the racing was hard, fast and exciting to watch.

11a Modified Jamie FoxContrary to a meeting review on another website we thought the track was in pretty good nick for Saturday nights meeting and it made for great racing. The public I spoke to after the meeting seemed to agree. How this self imposed “speedway guru” can be taken seriously when he awards a 10 out of 10 rating to a Huntly track on a Sunday afternoon, that only allowed a one lane modified track, and then a 7 out of 10 rating to a track that allowed multiple race lines on Saturday night, astounds me. We can only assume he knows very little about what makes a good track and never bothers checking with any of the competitors to ask them what they thought before he does his so called “impartial” meeting reviews.

I would like to take this opportunity to do the promotion team at Waikaraka Park (and many others) a big favour. I will personally pay for a season pass to Western Springs for the rest of this season and give it free of charge to Percy under the proviso that he agrees to not attend another meeting at Waikaraka Park this season. I find his meeting reviews in general to be biased towards certain tracks and his total lack of understanding on basic racing issues is such that, really, he has no place in commenting on them, let alone rating them. His continual attacks and snide remarks on the Waikaraka track photographer are wearing thin and really are getting boring.
Percy, do us all a favour and take me up on my offer (contact details are on this site), stick to your stamping ground out at West Auckland and stick to rating / commenting on what you have some knowledge about. Should make your reviews short and sweet!

11a Modified Jamie FoxBack to the racing. It was good to see a new modified hit the track this week with Glen Hughes fronting in the 86a car. The car looks sharp and it is great to have another car on the track. Glen decided, that first night out, he would start of the rear all night so as not to get in the other guys way. This left 8 cars to grid up as normal. Being a clubnight the field was handicapped and that had Foxy leaving from grid 7 for the first heat on the inside of 6a Brain Jesen. Foxy got the better of the start and after a few laps he was able to power his way to the front. Brian also had his car going well and he was able to ultimately move into second, all be it ? a lap down to Foxy at the finish.

The 2nd race wasn't so easy. The track was excellent and although we had an outside grid (grid 8) we got boxed in at the start while Brian got a great run down the inside from grid 7. The pace was pretty good in this race and a lot of the guys were making sure they used a lot of the track. Chris Drube, who is no slouch, left from grid 1 and by the time Brian and Foxy had managed to clear the pack he had a healthy lead. With a few laps to go Brian and caught Chris but didn't get an opportunity to try a pass. Foxy on the other hand didn't catch up to these two until the last lap and had to settle for coming home in 3rd.

11a Modified Jamie FoxThe feature race of the night was a doozy. Paul Blakeley had drawn grid 3, after a couple of quiet races in the first 2, and Brian and Foxy found themselves off the back row again. It was going to be a big ask for either one of us to get thru the pack and catch Paul. It wasn't long before Paul took the lead and he set about opening up a lead over the pack. Foxy got a better start than Brian and was slowly working his way thru the field. A few of the guys really had their cars going well in this race with both 36a Phil Crumpe and 99a Nathan Robertson making it difficult for Foxy to get thru. Credit to these guys as they where hooking up pretty well.
By about mid distance Foxy had been able to clear the pack and he started to chase down Paul. Catching him proved to be no problem but passing him was another story!
These two had a massive battle and Foxy threw everything he had at Paul to force a pass, even slamming the wall on the back straight at one stage bending the jacobs ladder. Paul was a man possessed thou and he wasn't going to give it away. With a few laps to go it looked like Foxy had managed to pull off the pass when, coming on to a backmarker, Foxy dove to the outside of the track, passed Paul and got on the outside of Glen Hughes. Unfortunately he couldn't make it stick thou as Glen took Foxy deeper in to pitbend than intended and this allowed Paul back thru on the inside of both of us. Foxy got passed Glen coming off the turn and continued on the wheel to wheel action with Paul until the finish, all be it unable to complete the pass. This was a great race and the crowd seemed to appreciate the effort put in by both drivers.

Although we only came away with the one win this weekend we are more than happy with the car and Foxy continues to get more and more confident with the package we have. The car is displaying good pace on all track surfaces and Foxy is driving smooth with the right amount of aggressiveness. There is no doubt that other competitors are using him as the benchmark this season and if Saturday night is anything to go by a fair few are starting to benefit from it. Paul, Phil, Chris and Nathan all showed good pace on Saturday but there is no doubt that Brian is the closest to matching it to Foxy at the moment with these two continually having to do if from the rear of the field. With 2nz, Allan Haigh, still to front the racing is sure to get hotter and hotter in the mod ranks. Great stuff!!

This weekend we are off to Huntly to try and defend the Waikato Champs title we won last season. With guys expected from Rotorua and Stratford the racing should be something worth seeing. Waikaraka is running this weekend as well and the mods are on the program so if you can't make it down to Huntly on Saturday make your way down to the park.

Lastly congrats to Craig Ward who picked up the BOP Champs in Rotorua on Saturday night. It was a little bit of a surprise to hear they only had 7 cars for the title as the rumours had suggested they had 12 entered. Let's hope that this weekend's field in Huntly is a little bigger.

See ya at the track

Team Fox


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