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Better late than never!

Hi folks,

No excuse for lack of updates other than really has been a low priority and far too much other important stuff on.

Things are slowly improving car number wise and we are closing in on the big ones for the season quickly.

So far we have had a couple of meetings at Waikaraka, one at Huntly and one at Kihikihi. The Kihikihi meeting was a new one to our race schedule and it was the first time the mods have raced there. By all accounts it was a success and you never know it may become an annual occurrence now that we don’t venture down to Baypark.

Our results have been ok. We have won the most of our races at home so far which is always enjoyable. We have been starting from the rear in every race and with the small fields resulting in short races Foxy has always had work to do. I have tried to push him further and further back for the starts to make it interesting and I think that as a spectacle it has worked out ok.

It is fantastic that we have some new blood in the class at home this year with Scotty’s boy Brad Lane stepping up this season along with Luke Brown who is the son of Greg Brown. Brad has been out all season and is really stepping up to the challenge. He is only running a budget power plant but he has already had the chequered flag at home and a fantastic podium finish at Kihikihi at the weekend. Luke has only just made it out for the season and I am picking both will make a statement before we are done this year. Been long overdue to see some new young guys in the class in Auckland and it is fantastic now that we do have them.

Best field we have had so far this season was for the Huntly champs a few weeks back. Foxy was going for 6 titles in a row but it wasn’t to be. 14 cars fronted with visitors from Stratty and Wellington heading up to take on the Auckland guys. We were close but no cigar this season and had to settle for 2nd behind Bunter. Foxy had a good heat 1 from our rear start going from grid 12 to 3rd but we had a shocker in the 2nd heat getting boxed in up by the wall at the start. This allowed Bunter a clear run down the inside of everyone going into turn 1. He went from grid 8 to 2nd in the first turn and we went from grid 6 back to 8th at the same time! Not a great start. Bunter quickly got to the front while Foxy slowly moved his way back through the field. With a few laps to go Farron over cooked it in the 31s machine resulting in a yellow and this moved us back into 2nd for the restart. What could have made for a great last few laps was extinguished when a back marker was put between Bunter and Foxy. Back to green and Bunter took off while the back marker didn’t! Foxy ran right up his bumper and got all tangled up allowing Blair in the 9w machine to sweep around both the back marker and Foxy and move into 2nd! Foxy quickly gave chase again but there were not enough laps and he had to settle for 3rd behind Bunter and Blair.
Heading into heat 3 we knew we were well gone as Bunter had 4 points and Blair a 2 points lead over us. We were down to leave from grid 3 with Blair from 10 and Bunter from 12. We thought it was unlikely Bunter wouldn’t gain the positions he needed to win comfortably so just told Foxy to concentrate on winning the race. Blair didn’t even get a lap in when he tried the outside move at the start but found the fence ending his night. This made Bunters job even easier. The changes we made to the car worked a treat and Foxy quickly moved to the front and pulled away. We were doing faster laps in this race on a well worn track than anyone else had managed all night. Our times were ¾’s of a second quicker than anyone else in this race and it showed. Bunter was slowly moving forward but laps were running out and late in the race he was only running 5th. Stay there and we may actually need a runoff to decide the title. Unfortunately for us it wasn’t to be when Jonas in the 17w machine over cooked it and turned it around while running 3rd and fighting with Farron in the 31s machine. This elevated Bunter into 4th and gave him the point he needed to take the title away from Foxy. It would have been interesting to see if Bunter had the car to catch and then pass the guys in front if Jonas hadn’t spun up but we will never know. To be fair after our shocking 2nd heat we were lucky to finish 2nd so were pretty happy. Congrats to Bunter for taking 1st and Farron in his sister Eagle modified taking 3rd.

Kihikihi just gone was also another Stratty vs Auckland mod shootout, Bunter was gone for this one with other engagements but a handy replacement in Jacko meant it was still not going to be easy! Another to front that didn’t at Huntly was Jason Kalin in the 12s machine. A healthy double digit feed took the green for the first ever mod race at Kihikihi and Foxy proved to strong from his start near the front of the field. Jacko did well to move up from a start further back. The head to head battle in the later races between these two didn’t eventuate with Jacko unable to make it back out for heats 2 and 3 with drive line issues. Heat 2 went the way of Farron in the 31s machine with young Brad Lane running 2nd and Foxy 3rd. Heading into the last heat Foxy still had work to do as he was tied on points with Farron and he had the advantage of a grid 3 start where as Foxy was down to leave from nearer the rear. Changes were made to the car and once again Foxy was able to set the fastest laps of the night on what was arguably the most challenging conditions of the night. A great early battle had the guys running 3 wide for a few laps with Farron trying to get under Brad while Foxy was out on the highline trying to pass both of them. This could easily have gone pear shaped but after a few laps Foxy was finally able to get the run he was looking for and he powered clear to hit the front and take out the title. Farron came home 2nd in the race and the championship and young Brad took out a well deserved 3rd placing overall. Well done young man, I am sure it will be the first of many podium placing’s in the years ahead!

This week the Akl mods are up at Whanagarei for the annual 30 lapper but we will be missing this one due to Xmas commitments. I am picking the racing will be close up there and would be worth the watch. The guys heading up are all close pace wise so it will be really competitive.

December 20th we will be back in action at Waikaraka and we expect about 12 local mods to front for this one. January 3rd we are also at home with 1-2 more local guys due out along with the possibility of 2-3 Stratty guys hauling up for a spin prior to the big meetings later in January.

January 17th will see the Auckland champs being run and for the first time that I can remember there is the real possibility we will need to run qualifying to find the field for the championship! There is a rumour that some of the South Island boys will be up for it as it is the week before the NZ title and if a few of the Stratty boys head up as expected as well this will push us over the 20 car number and mean we need to run qualifying. The final format for the event will be decided once we have confirmed numbers.

All in all there is some fantastic mod racing happening at Waikaraka between now and the end of January and I expect their will be a range of emotions felt over this period. There will be drama, their will be frayed tempers and their will be heartbreak. Hopefully there will also be some fantastic racing and lets hope the weather gods are kind to us.

See you at the track and Merry Xmas from Foxy and the team!!



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