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Verdict is in!!

Firstly we would like to thank Tim Savell from SNZ and the appeal committee (Wendy Coutts, Peter Kuriger and Grant Wilks) for their professionalism and efforts into getting this unfortunate situation resolved.

We have been successful with our appeal and this means that Foxy and Luke are now joint 1nz champions for the year. Although we won our appeal it only means that the guys have to share the title as there is no way that a runoff can occur so long after the event. We accept that this is the only option available to SNZ.

This result by no means takes anything away from either Luke or Foxy for their efforts at this years title event and it is just unfortunate that the crowd was robbed of the opportunity to see two of the top guys in the country go head to head in a runoff to get the one true winner.

If I have learned anything from this episode it is never accept what people may tell you on the night as gospel wether it is a SNZ official, or a member of the public who professes to be an expert on all rules SNZ related. If you think you are hard done by, and get told nothing can be done due to the rules in the rulebook, then ask straight away what rule applies and why it is applicable to the situation you are protesting about. Don't let yourself be intimated by people professing to be experts and definitely do not assume that the refs etc know the rules inside out!!

There is no doubt that this situation could have been fixed on the night and that we could have avoided all this uncertainty about the title. It has taken the gloss off the event for us and we have been unable to adequately enjoy the moment that comes with a podium finish at the national title event. This has gone for good.

Hopefully lessons have been learned and the appeal committee make recommendations to SNZ that can be ratified by the board to stop this situation occurring again to anyone in the future, we can only hope.

At this time there has been no decision by the team as to what number we will campaign under but we will advise this at a later date. 1nza has a good ring to it!!



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