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Cruising at the Bay!

Team Fox ventured down to Rotorua on Saturday to contest the 2012 rendition of the BOP Modified Champs. We have a pretty good record in this event and we were the defending champion.

The event was never at risk due to weather but it was due to poor support by the modified class as a whole. Of the 8-10 mods who have raced at Stratty so far this season and the reported 12 that have / are apparently ready to run in Auckland, only 6 guys made the effort to support the event on Saturday. Sonja and the team at Rotorua have always supported the modified class over the years and it is disappointing that the last few seasons the guys haven’t repaid that support by attending the modified events they put on. They offer pretty good money for their events so this cannot be the reason for the lack of support and they always make the drivers feel welcome. It really is one of life’s mysteries. Unless support is forthcoming it wouldn’t surprise me if mods started to get left off Rotorua’s season calendar and if that happened the drivers would have no one to blame but themselves. If our guys don’t want to race there I am sure a class like the 6 shooters would welcome the opportunity and this would put the modified class on the slippery slope to oblivion. Hopefully the class gets behind their running of this years North Island Champs in a few weeks time. Mods guys be warned!

As for the racing, well it was fast, clean and drama free. Winning events that have small fields can be harder that winning events with 20 cars, especially if the field is one that is pretty even speed wise. Once everyone gets up to speed, passing becomes very difficult. In bigger fields the pace is slower and superior set-ups and driver ability to get through the traffic come into play a bit more, of course the downside is that there is always the added risk of damage as well in larger fields but all in all I believe they are easier to do well in.

A 3rd in heat 1 from our rear start followed up by 2 wins in the remaining 2 heats was enough to give Foxy the win on the night by 2 clear points from the 6a machine of Brian Jesen. 55s Paul Ward rounded out the podium a point back from BJ. Not much to get excited about as a fan I imagine but Foxy’s efforts in the last race to pressure and pass the 77s mod of Craig Ward was great to watch unfold and both guys should be congratulated for running fast and clean while wheel to wheel, neither giving an inch. Passing a car and driver of this caliber on the tight Rotorua circuit under green flag conditions (not in the jostling right at the start of the race) is not easy and we were pleased with the car performance.

Next meeting for Team Fox is the Baypark Modified Champs on December 15th. This will be the mods second only outing at the venue and although we won the event last year at the first outing, it wasn’t for any title. Who ever wins on the 15th will be the first Baypark Modified champion and we would like to add this crown to the others we have. A field of 16 plus cars is expected and given the big open spaces at the arena we expect the racing to be fast and open with heaps of passing. There is no place to hide at Baypark and trying to defend track position is near impossible. If a guy has superior track speed he will be able to use it. This is what racing should be all about and we look forward to it.

Waikaraka do run this coming weekend and I expect mods will on the program. Even without us there I expect 10-11 cars should front and put on some good racing. Team Fox will be making a trip across town to watch some guy called Schatz race, apparently he is pretty good??

See you at Baypark on December 15th. Lock it in your calendar as an event worth seeing!

Team Fox.



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