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Win Some / Lose Some !

Hi folks,

Updates have been few and far between this season, just not enough hours in the day.

Since our last update over a month ago we have only done 1 meeting!! This was the NZ champs. By now the results are well known and congrats to Bunter, Luke and Dan for doing the business in Wellington. It is good to see some new faces on the podium and, given that Luke and Dan are still young guys, I expect it won’t be the last time they appear in the results in the years ahead.

A pretty good field fronted for the event but the old weather played a part in stuffing it all up again this season. This is the 3rd season in a row that the NZ title has been stuffed up by the weather and to be honest given the current weather conditions the world seems to be dealing with now, I expect that this could become a frequent issue in the years ahead as our summers get wetter and more humid. Not sure if there is anything we can do about it except pick a date and pray like hell we get lucky!

Qualifying went without a hitch for Team Fox and we were pretty happy with how we were tracking. We won our group pretty comfortably and were the top qualifier across all groups with our 2 x 3rds and 1 x win from our 3 heats. Lap times were good with only Luke getting around the track quicker when he had clear track in front of him. We have done enough of these meetings to know that qualifying night form means nothing come finals night so although we were relaxed we were not over confidant as we knew it would be a different ball game come finals night.

As it happens this is as good as our weekend got. Finals night was rained off and that mean’t I had to return home due to prior commitments. The boys stayed on to try and do the job but it wasn’t to be this year. Foxy drew grid 5 in heat 1 and by the time he could get out from being boxed in at the start on the inside line he had slipped back to 7th or 8th. The track was demanding and there was little passing unless guys made mistakes and by race end Foxy had been able to re pass all the guys that got him at the start, plus a few, to finish a creditable 3rd.
Heat 2 was his rear start from grid 15 and once again he got boxed in a little at the start. Once clear he made steady progress up to about 8th and was attempting to pass the 226s car of Blair Luscombe for 7th. Try as he might he couldn’t find a way past. A caution was activated late in the race and Foxy decided this was the best opportunity he had to push for a pass at the restart. He came within a cats whisker of pulling it off but simply over cooked it entering the turn with too much speed for the marbles on the outside of the track. He kept it running but in his haste to rejoin he tagged the wall with the front of the car bending the front torsion tubes and font end suspension. Race over.

It is all too easy to chastise guys for having a go but the reality is we enter these events to win. We don’t enter them to come 2nd or 3rd. We have been there done that. This was the heat Foxy had to move in and if he had cleared Blair he feels he may have eventually been able to get up into the top 5 in this heat which is where we would have needed to be heading into the last heat to have a shot at the title. It wasn’t to be this year and these things happen but I would prefer he races with this mindset than one of being conservative. Racing in this way is why Foxy wins events and I for one will never ask him to change his racing style.

The chassis is now all fixed and we are ready to enter into a mind numbing crazy period where we race pretty much every week between now and mid April for some pretty good silverware. The NZGP is a clear target we have set our sights on in March as it is the one event we have never won. We are due a change in this event we hope!

This week, Feb 11th, we are running at home for a clubnight.

Feb 18th we are also at Waikaraka for the Auckland Modified champs.

Feb 25th we have a change of plans and instead of heading to Stratty we are going north to Whangarei for their rescheduled Modified 30 lapper.

March 9/10th is set down for the North Island Modified champs in Stratty but we are yet to decide on this meeting due to it being a 2 day event. As most of our guys are wage earners, asking them to take a day off is hard to justify and we hope that Stratty will reconsider their position and make the event a 1 night deal on the Saturday. Personally I don’t think we need 2 nights for a North Island title. We will have to wait and see on this one.

March 17th is set down for the 2012 Fastening Solutions Modified Dirt Cup. Travel/prizepool has been increased this year to $15000.00 and I really hope that the class as a whole get in behind this event and make it a good one given we got rained out / lights out last season without actually running the final title race but still paid out the prizepool to the drivers as a show of good faith. Let’s hope they have long memories! The final is down as a 30 lapper this year as well so that should throw up some interest. South Island cars are expected with Luke in the new 2nz machine already indicating he is keen to come up and try and win the trophy back.

March 24th we are back at Waikaraka for the NZGP as mentioned above.

March 31st is set down for the mods first outing at the fabulous Baypark speedway and we are looking forward to that.

April 7th /8th has us at Rotorua for the annual Easter meeting.

Let’s all pray for good weather and we will see you at the track!

Team Fox.



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