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Season Over!

Saturday had us at Waikaraka for meeting # 20 for Team Fox and the last skid for the 2011/12 season.

8 mods fronted for one last run and they were 11a, 17a, 29a, 36a, 64a, 78a, 81a and 105a. Nothing special on offer, just a club night and the last chance for guys to rack up some points.

Handicap grids were the order of the day which meant we left of the rear all night. Foxy made short work of the field in heats 1 and 2 so come feature time it was decided we should start ½ a lap behind the field to make it interesting. It worked to some degree but even doing this didn’t stop the inevitable Foxy win by near on ½ a lap! Lap times on the night were pretty good to given the track was a tad rough with a few ruts, Foxy was smoking around in the 14.7 bracket which isn’t to shabby and was nearly a full 1 sec a lap quicker than the rest.

2 guys announced their retirement from the class on Saturday and we will be sad to see them go. Wadey in the 29a machine and Grant in the 64a mod have both raced their last meeting and we thank them for there efforts to support the class over the years and wish them well. Numbers are skinny in the class up here at the moment so we never like to see anyone give it away but I understand their reasons why. Luckily it sounds like we will have a bit of new blood in the class up here next season with a few of the younger ministock guys stepping up to the class so this offsets the loss. There is even word of a few of the older guys who have been parked up this season making it out for nest year and this will be great. We need the numbers!

This season has had its up and downs for Team Fox. Disappointing results at the NZ’s in Wellington and NI’s at Stratty would be the downs. Having the diff let go while looking to be the man to beat at the Dirt Cup in Auckland was another disappointment but these 3 aside we can’t really complain. Since the NZ champs I think it is fair to say that Foxy has been the form car on the track. We have been consistent everywhere we have raced and had great car speed. We have passed some very good cars on the track this season and can’t remember the last time we were actually passed by anyone on the track in a racing situation. This bodes well for next season.

A quick count up for the trainspoters out there and the stats geeks. Foxy’s season in numbers:

Meetings 20
Starts 61
Wins 35
2nds 13
3rds 6
4ths 2
5ths 1
6ths 1
DNF’s 3

NZGP 1st
Akl Champs 1st
BOP Champs 1st
Manawatu Champs 1st
Whangarei 30 lapper 1st
Easter Champs Individual Rotorua 1st
Baypark Modified Invitation 1st
Akl season points 1st
Easter Champs Pairs Rotorua 2nd
Ginge Heywood Rotorua 2nd

Not too shabby by anyone’s standards, outside of the mechanical failure at the Dirt Cup and crashing out in the NZ’s and NI’s, Foxy has pretty much won every event he has entered.

Time to thank our sponsors for all their help again this year. These guys continue to stick with us and keep the faith. Roger at CSL Containers and Brian at BDC Engineering have helped us immensely this season and kept us on the track. Running these cars isn’t cheap and the only way we can do the meetings and travel we do is down to the generosity of these guys. Thanks guys and hopefully we get a better run next season in the main events.

Big thanks to Kev who follows us around the country lugging our spare wing on the back of this ute. Luckily we haven’t had to use this season but it is great to know it is there if we need it! To Jerry, Fredo and Chris, good on you guys for your help this year. Foxy will be the first to admit that without committed crew you just can’t race and we are lucky that we have a great bunch of guys on the team.

To Bruce, Puk and the team at Waikaraka thanks for giving us a great track this season. What a difference it makes to the show that can be put on. Hopefully numbers can be lifted next season and Waikaraka goes onwards and upwards.

That’s it from me for this year, hopefully you have enjoyed the reports and we thank you for your support over the season. We will be having a team debrief in the next few weeks where decisions will be made on what the off season plans are. We are more than happy with where we are but also know that we will need to step it up another notch next season to remain at the pointy end of the class. The intention is to be back out doing it all again next year so we hope to see you around the traps.

Have a safe and happy off season and keep the racing to the tracks!

Team Fox



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