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  So far, so good!

Well folks, we have had a better start this season than what we put up with last season. So far there have been 2 scheduled meetings at Waikaraka and amazingly we have got through them both without rain! Long may it continue.

Its fair to say that Saturday night’s crowd was average at best which is a bit of a surprise given there was a stockcar team’s race advertised all week! The mods were initially stood down last week but were a late addition to the program due to the lack of interest from the Super Saloon class to font with numbers to run. I would like to put the lack of crowd down to the fact that the mods were not advertised during the week as being one of the support classes, we weren’t even in the written program, but to be fair I think that would just be me being a tad optimistic! Ha!!
I am not sure why the crowd were MIA on Saturday because from what we are led to believe stockcars and superstocks are by far the most popular classes in our sport and a teams race is the holy grail of all things speedway! You wouldn’t have thought so based on Saturday’s crowd numbers.

I have said it for years and I will say it again. Waikaraka’s season start date should be fireworks night the first weekend in November. It should be followed the week later by a demo derby night. This would give two big crowd events the first two weeks of the season and start things off right. Starting in October is plain silly and has never worked. This is my opinion anyway.

8 mods were on hand to run on Saturday and they were 3nz, 6a, 25a, 29a, 36a, 64a, 81a and 105a. The first two races were your standard handicap races. 105 elected to run from the rear to try and get some rhythm going as a relative newbie without getting in the way of others. So far I have been impressed and he is keeping tidy lines and comfortably running mid pack. He is a welcome addition to the class. Being a handicap format we found ourselves at the rear of the field not unexpectedly. Foxy was able to make his way through in both races to win comfortably. Crumpy had his best run for a while in heat 2 when he shot out to a healthy lead but eventually first Foxy and then Grant Harris found a way past.

Feature time they mixed it up a bit by starting the next two fastest cars other than Foxy off the front row and Foxy from the rear again. The hope was that if these two could get away a bit at the start of the race, it would make it a bit more interesting to see if Foxy could chase them down. The idea was good but it never really eventuated as on lap 2 Grant Harris, while running 2nd in the 64 machine, spun exiting pitbend to force the yellows. BJ in the 6a machine was running out front at this stage but the yellows condensed the field with Foxy already up to 3rd. On the green Foxy made short work of the car in second and gave chase to Brian. These two had a good battle for a lap or two, neither giving an inch, until Foxy found his way past through cemetery bend. Brian hung with him for a few laps without losing a lot of ground initially but once lapped traffic came into play Foxy was able to extend out to a comfortable win.

There we have it folks, a perfect start to the season so far with 6 wins from as many starts. All bar one from the rear of the field. Hopefully in the next few weeks a few more guys come out to play so we can hone the skills we are going to need to have come big meetings time. Winning is great but can make you complacent, we need more tight, aggressive racing to get us up to speed to run with the faster guys we are bound to meet come NZ champs time.

This week we are back at Waikaraka for the fireworks night. It is normally one of the biggest crowds of the season and I have seen the gates closed with people still outside in previous years. If you are planning to come I would suggest you get there early to get a good seat! Normally the club put on a top notch show so it should be worth the effort, hopefully the racing won’t disappoint.

See you at the track!

PS: If anyone out there in camera world has any good pictures of the new look Foxy mobile that they wouldn’t mind us using on this site, please contact me as we haven’t really got any shots so far that can be included on this site for all to see. Much appreciated.



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