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Fireworks the winner on the night!

Hi folks,

Saturday had us running at home for the third week in a row and although the weather wasn’t flash (pretty damn cold actually!), the meeting went ahead without drama. We are now 3 from 3 for the start of the season and I can’t remember the last year that this has happened!!

A great crowd is always assured at Waikaraka’s Fireworks night and the new promotion team would be feeling a bit happier about things given Saturdays crowd after a couple of lean weeks. The real disappointing part is the lack of real numbers in some classes (mods probably being the worst). This is always one of the biggest crowds of the season and we have done nothing to help promote ourselves to the paying public fronting with so few cars. It would have been so beneficial for the club and the class to put on a great show with great numbers……. Wasn’t to be.

6 mods were all that could be mustered and they were 3nz, 6a, 36a, 64a, 81a and 105a. Thanks for making the effort guys. Once again we tried to make “lemonade out of lemons” and went with a handicap format to try and inject some sort of spectacle into the night’s proceedings. Heat 1 had Foxy leaving from the rear about ¾’s of a lap behind the polesitters. 64a and 6a were started about 100 meters in front of us. It took until lap 7 of the 8 lap race for Foxy to hit the front so the handicapping wasn’t far out. Heat 2 they changed it and started 64a and 6a off the front row. I think the plan was that if these 2 started in front of the others guys they may be able to build up a lead that Foxy would struggle to make up once we cleared the others. Once again we started the race exiting turn 2. At about mid distance Foxy had caught and passed all but Grant in the 64a machine. The remaining 4 laps were spent with Foxy taking big chunks out of Grant’s lead but he ran out of time in this one and had to settle for 2nd. This was the first race of the season we haven’t won so we can’t complain too much.

Feature time rolled up and this time we had a 10 lap event. The powers that be thought they were on to a winner with the format from heat 2 so stuck with it, all be with a slight modification. An Indian file start was ordered with 6a off the front followed by 64a. They were followed by 81a, 36a and 105a. Foxy was back another 100 meters or so. Grant made quick work of Brian in the 6a machine and pulled out to a healthy lead. Foxy caught and passed the rest by mid distance and started chasing down Grant in 64a. Foxy caught up to him with 2 to go and slipped past when both were trying to get past a lapped car. Once in front Foxy was gone for feature win #3 from 3.

Hardly much to get excited about given we only have 6 cars running at the moment but at least we are getting practice at running guys down and picking passing lines etc. Hopefully this will be beneficial later in the season when being able to pass cars will be critical and simply being fast running off the front won’t be enough.

The mods are back at Waikaraka this weekend and, fingers crossed, we get a few more guys out ready to play. Wadey in 29a has confirmed he will be there plus the 6 from last Saturday so that gives us at least 7. Hopefully 25a and 78a are nearly ready to get back into it and the likes of 19a, 21a, 56a make some progress this week in getting ready. We really need these guys to get out there to start getting some good racing happening. Come on guys!!

Lastly, the decision has been made that we will not be heading to Stratford on the 19th to try and defend our King of the Mountain title. This decision has not been taken lightly as we have always made the effort to support out Stratty brothers and would have loved to try and retain the trophy. Unfortunately a decision had to be made seeing as we are only 2 weeks out from the event. As at today, confirmation of meeting details and information with regard prizemoney etc have not been forthcoming even after 6 weeks of persistent chasing from us. Hopefully the mod guys can arrange a class rep for the season soon so there is a point of contact at committee level that is actually interested in the class and can push for things to be sorted that will once again allow for out of town guys to be willing to support their events. We try to make sure we look after these guys when they up our way and all we ask for is the same in return.

This decision may mean we will be running at Waikaraka on the 19th but this will likely be confirmed this weekend. I know a few of the guys on the sideline at the moment have made noises that this is the date they would be ready so if we do run at home we may be back to double digit in car numbers.

See you at the track Saturday.

Team Fox.



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