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Jamo's Opinion.

One word ... Disgraceful!!

This is the only way to describe the show put on by the modified class on Saturday night.

With the Teams Nationals being run, it was an opportune time for our class to showcase itself as something worth watching to a big crowd. A handful of Auckland drivers made sure that what was served up was nothing more than an unnecessary smashfest. There are a few guys that need to take a good long hard look at themselves.

A big effort was in put in to making sure a full field of mods fronted for the Auckland mod champs on Saturday. We wanted to make sure that the Superstock boys got the support they deserved for their premier event of the season. Our Stratty mates fronted in reasonable numbers and it meant we had 19 starters for the event. What these boys got in return was smashed to bits by some stupid displays of modified racing by a handful of Auckland guys who seemed to be high on testosterone but severely lacking in brains and ability. It was so bad that a few of the Stratty boys are seriously considering if supporting our mod events up here in the future is smart for life, limb and wallet! This annoys the hell out of me as I am the one who fights tooth and nail to get these guys up here and this generally means that Team Fox are expected to continually make the effort to support their meetings in return, while others up here don't travel, then turn up at Waikaraka and drive like a pack of idiots smashing everyone to bits. Things have to change!!

I am sure the ambulance chasers in the crowd loved it but to me having only a handful of cars out of 19 starters finish a race is not what our class should be about. Heat 3 was the worst but the writing was on the wall from heat 1. Heat 2 got worse with about ½ the field finishing and then we got the 3rd heat demolition derby. It was so bad that I am sure that if some of these guys had got organised and made up a team they would have given the panthers a run for their money!! All it has proven to me is that the 3 heat championship format should not be used for title events. A full field of cars on the track at one time is fine if you have guys all of a similar ability. The problem is we do not; we have a big range of drivers from your top runners down to guys who in all honesty are well out of their depth. You get a spread of both though the field and this is where you get your carnage. At least with smaller groups this risk of damage is greatly reduced and the only time the full field comes together you have the faster guys generally all at the front with the other making up the grids at the back. This reduces the damage risk as they have had the chance to sort themselves out before the faster guys come round to lap them! Starting them either in the front or middle of a competitive field is simply asking for trouble and Saturday proved it.

I suppose it is a sign of the times but we are a bit old school. When we started, like many, we were not that competitive. We strived to become more competitive while making sure we concentrated on being as smooth as possible. There was an unwritten rule that you did your best to stay out of the way of the faster guys fighting it out for the podium, you sure as hell didn't try to race them if it was obvious you had handling issues!! Now it seems this is not important, just get out there go as hard as you can even though your a mobile chicane and if you end up taking guys out just give the token “sorry mate” back in the pits and don't worry about it. Well guys, sorry ain't good enough! Driver consideration is all important and if some of these guys don't get their shit together then they better not start complaining when some of the faster guys start barging their way through the field instead of trying to pass them clean as they do now. Modifieds are supposed to be non contact but based on Saturday that is out the window. Team Fox ended up with thousands of dollars of damage on Saturday night and for some this would be a season ending cost. It isn't for us and we will be back out next week. I only hope the same applies for some of the other unfortunate guys who incurred damage through not fault of their own.

Here is a small warning to some of our Auckland club-mates. Sort your shit out guys! if you want to make it a contact class then it is fine by us. I have deeper pockets than most of you and we can afford to fix the damage we get, most of you can not!! Show some consideration to others on the track and race to your driver and car limitations. Most of all do not come running to us complaining about damage etc if a more aggressive approach is taken in the future. Our premier event is coming up in two weeks with the Dirt Cup, if I see a repeat of the inconsiderate, down right crazy driving in this event it will be the last time I fund it. If I wanted to sponsor a stockcar race I would, mods are not stockcars! Good hard, fast, clean racing is what our class is about and this is what we want. If you are out of your depth then do all the rest of the guys a favor and keep it on your trailer.

Rant over!

See you at Huntly



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