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More of the same ...

Saturday had Team Fox at Waikaraka for the tracks Christmas Special. Not sure what was so special about it but there you go.

8 Mods were on hand to run out 5th meeting of the season, our 5th meeting for club points (3 more than last season already!). I must admit it is getting a bit mundane as so far we haven’t really been running for anything of significance or running with any other cars other than the locals. Hopefully our next few meets ramp the excitement levels up a bit.

Cars on hand were 3nz, 21a, 29a, 36a, 64a, 78a, 81a and 105a. Handicap grids were in vogue again which mean’t the normal starting position for us of ROF!

To be honest all Saturday night did for us was to confirm that our slight malfunction from the previous meeting hadn’t done any serious damage and all was back to normal. Apart from running the wrong mag box for the first 2 heats, all aspects passed this exam with flying colors. We were a little flat in heats 1 and 2 but after changing the mag box for heat 3 it was back to normal with Foxy setting the fastest lap of the night on the well toasted race surface in the feature. To say the track surface is in need of some TLC is somewhat of an understatement. There isn’t much on offer out there at the moment and unless some work is done, all the major races coming up later in the season for the non contact classes could be one lane bore fests! Hopefully the powers that be can pull out some magic and get the track surface a little more receptive to multi line opportunities.

So far this season we have been running in 8 lap heat races and 10 lap feature races. Hardly much to get excited about but understandable given the car numbers. Heat 1 on Saturday we finished 2nd from the rear of the field behind Wadey in the 29a machine and 2nd again in heat 2 behind the 64a mod of Grant Harris, again from the rear of the field. Come feature time we once again left from rear of the field while our main opposition on the night, the 64a machine, somehow was down to leave from grid 4. Grant got to the front right from the start and it took Foxy a few laps to drive into 2nd. A timely yellow closed the field up and on the restart Foxy made the necessary pass on the 64a machine to take the lead and pull away for another feature win.

We are looking forward to a bit of variety in the next few meeting we run. We sit on our hands now until we venture up to Whangarei for the 30 lapper on Sunday December 18th. Hopefully some of the Stratty boys have been able to be enticed up by the club otherwise it will simply just be a kin to another Waikaraka club night!

After Whangarei we will be contesting the BOP Mod champs in Rotorua on December 28th. A star studded field will be on hand for this one. I know this as I have been the one chasing them! So far 9 Stratty boys and 4 Auckland cars have stuck their hands up to front. Although 13 cars sounds a bit light, on Rotorua it is actually just about right. No one can argue about the class with 1nz, 3nz, 4s, and 67s all fronting along with 8s, 55s, 77s and 64a. On this track you can’t discount anyone and I am sure that 5s, 12s, 226s, 36a and 78a won’t believe for one minute that they are only there to make up the numbers!
December 30th will have us back at Waikaraka to run as support for the NZ Superstock GP and then on January 3rd we will be at Waikaraka to run as support to the International Super Saloon meeting.

See you at Whangarei for the Modified 30 lapper!

Team Fox



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