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Rain, Rain, Rain !!!!!!!!!!

Hi folks, well here we are at the end of April and we are done and dusted!! With the season we have had weather wise I can't say that I am too disappointed to be honest!

We have not turned a wheel since the aborted running of the Dirt Cup. The King of the Park meeting was rained out and we have spent Easter weekend sitting in Rotorua waiting for the rain to stop to get the Easter Champs in. Not a chance!

This season has been a real shocker and of the 17 meetings we had scheduled to run at we ended up getting the grand total of 12 meetings completed. All the title events, other than the North Island title, had to be postponed to revised dates and the two premier events of the season, NZ Champs and Dirt Cup, turned into non-events due to the weather. At least the NZ Champs got run, even though it was an an abbreviated format! More than can be said for the Dirt Cup.

Whangarei this weekend is a no-goer for us as foxy will be in Christchurch for work commitments. Given the years we are having it wouldn't surprise me in the least if this ended up being flagged as well. The only other event yet to run for the class is the NZGP at Blenheim this weekend. They also have already had 1 attempt at running this meeting and it would surprise me if any North Island guys ventured down again given the costs etc. Good luck to those that do!

The plan now is to sit back for a couple of weeks and try to rebuild some sort of enthusiasm for the sport and then we will look at what we will do for next season. May make more sense to put the engine in a boat! At least then you can't get rained off!!

Updates from here on in will be pretty scarce until firm plans are set.

Have a great off season and try and stay dry!!

Team Fox



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