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Image courtesy of Graham HughesReady to Rumble!

Hi folks and welcome to the home of the Foxy racing team for the 2010/11 season.

Foxy first started racing in 1986 so this year will be his 25th year behind the wheel. All 25 of these years have been in the modified class running out of Auckland.

Boy oh boy have things changed since 1986!

In the early years Foxy did his apprenticeship in a home built, budget modified running a 6 cylinder Hemi engine. It was obvious right from the start that he had the skills to be competitive and his first race win did not take long to come. Foxy ended the season as rookie of the year and has never looked back.

Over the years the gear under Foxy has improved and, thanks to a lot of people along the way, he has been able to compete at the pointy end of the field in most seasons. This didn't happen overnight and as the years have gone on, the “budget” modified class has morphed into what is now considered by many to be one of the “glamour classes” of the sport. To replace the mods in the budget category other classes aimed at these competitors have come along and filled the void. To a large degree this is now irreversible and how it should stay. The majority of the guys competing competively now are either self employed or are lucky enough to have very good sponsors with deep pockets, this is a given as the costs to campaign these cars is not cheap. Glamour classes by definition mean that not all competitors have the resources to compete in them, this means that numbers in these classes will always be limited this is obvious. It is important to note that the glamour classes are what puts bums on seats and are no less important to the sport than are the budget classes that have huge numbers competing.

You would think these changes over the years would have had a massive impact on car numbers but, contrary to what a lot of people spout as being correct, the numbers are not much different now to when we first started in 1986. Guys have come and gone over these years and numbers have fluctuated due to economic conditions, location of NZ titles season to season and numerous other reasons. What cannot be denied is that the class is the most competitive it has ever been and you only have to look at the NZ title results over the last 25 years to see that as time has gone on it has become harder for any one driver to dominate the class year after year. Even the great RB and MG found it difficult to dominate as time went on and guys got better machinery.
All the guys now have the same caliber of equipment and it is now coming down to driver nous, experience and ability coupled with car tuning knowledge to make sure they have the car the best it can be on any given night. This is what all forms of racing are about and we are now at the stage with the mods where because of this, titles are decided to a large degree by driver ability and not simply by the guy who has the biggest cheque book and can have gear that others don't. We all pretty much have the same!

This is great for the class.

Our 2010/11 campaign started on Saturday with Waikaraka Parks practice day. Although we were late getting to the track we were able to accomplish what we wanted from the day. Priority was to get the car greensheeted and get at least 1 run so we could run the engine in. Unlike previous years the engine was not dyno tuned this season so that meant we had to give it a couple of heat cycles to bed the new rings in etc. A very high set of gears was thrown into the car to make sure we loaded it up and keep the revs low. We were fortunate that we were able to actually get 2 runs on the day with the 2nd one being reasonably long. As with most practice days the track was crap but this did not matter to us as we were not there to play with setups or anything else, we just wanted to run the engine. Foxy ran around at about ¾ throttle for the most part and importantly the car was loaded back up with all things looking good. Oil pressure was strong and temperature reading was sweet. The car sounded quiet compared to most so it is good that the new extractors and mufflers are doing their job. If we are over the noise limit this season I would suggest the noise testing equipment must be faulty! It will be interesting to see how SNZ police this area this season as I would hazard a guess that some or our fellow mod friends and some stockcars that I heard on the day would be pushing the boundaries noise wise.

This week we will tidy up the trailer and aim to get the 2 new wings mounted. New tyres have arrived and we will get these on the new rims and ready for opening night. Engine will be rechecked now it has had a run and we will likely give it an oil change. The final job will be to give the car a good going over from front to back and make sure that our spares are all ready to go for our first meeting of the year at Waikaraka parks opening night on October 30th. Let's hope that the good turnout of 6 mods who turned up at practice will result in a 10-12 car field for opening night.

The calendar has been set for the season and the details are now available here .

Lets all hope we have a great mod season this year with fast, hard and even racing.

See you at the park on the 30th!!

Let's get in to it!

Team Fox.



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