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Image courtesy of Graham HughesBang for your buck!

The massive crowd at Huntly on Saturday night got plenty of bang for their buck with an impressive fireworks display mid meeting. Unfortunately the mods didn't have the numbers on hand to add a lot of value to what the meeting had to offer.

5 Auckland mods were joined by 1 local to give a field of 6 cars for the night. If the class wants to be taken seriously by promoters then it is up to the competitors to show up in bigger numbers than this. Given we had 8 cars in Auckland the week before and Huntly have 2 locals running, we should have been able to muster of 8-9 cars instead of 6. The only Auckland car with a valid excuse for not fronting is Crumpie in the 36a machine after his big tumble last week; the rest should have turned up. Plain and simple!

Cars in attendance were 1nz, 18h, 25a, 29a, 64a and 65a. The drivers had a quick discussion prior to the meeting and came up with their own handicap format. The plan was to have the newer guys in 18h and 65a run off the front row in all 3 races then leave a 3-4 car width gap back to the 25a and 29a machines. 64a and 1nz would then start even further back to reduce the unnecessary risks of a massive bun-fight entering turn 1. We hoped that this format would at least allow for some passing as the race went on and make it a bit more interesting for the crowd. It became clear as the first race panned out that the length of the handicap start for Foxy needed to be more, as he made short work of coming from the rear to hit the front in the space of a lap. Race over and very little for the crowd to get excited about.
Race 2 and I told Foxy to hold back even more at the start and let them all go. This race took about 2 laps before he hit the lead. Heat 3 and Foxy started ¾'s of a lap down (exiting turn 2 while the rest were starting). Once again it only took 2-3 laps to hit the front and stay there. Hardly a spectacle from the class that will attract public back to watch us in the future and a situation that needs to be addressed quickly. Given good numbers the class can put on great racing but if we continue to run in small fields the massive difference in speed between a few and the rest is such that the racing is pretty crappy. Let's hope that in the coming weeks more cars come out to play to add some well needed spice to the on track action.

This weekend Team Fox are back home at Waikaraka for their Fireworks night. Like Huntly I expect given good weather the crowd will be massive. The club needs to put on a show that may result in attracting some of these punters back for a second and third look at our sport later in the season. This meeting every year is the best and cheapest advertising the club can get for the whole year. Put on great racing in all your premier classes on this night and you give yourself the best possible chance to attract some of these people to come back. Put on a night of average quality and you have missed the opportunity for another 12 months. With other NI tracks not running this weekend lets hope that Auckland have shown some initiative and spoken to the powers that be in both Huntly and Rotorua about getting some of their competitors up for a run. A strong field of Stockcars and Superstocks would help make this weekend a success. If Stratty mod numbers are such that they cannot get a run at home this weekend then let us know and we may be able to help getting you up for a skid this weekend as well. With only a handful of mod meetings left at Waikaraka before the NZ title it would be a great opportunity for some of you guys to get up for a run.

If any Waikaraka committee members are reading this update, it is up to you guys to make the most of this weekends opportunities, don't waste it!!

See you at the track!

Team Fox



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