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Meatloaf was mistaken ...

There is a classic Meatloaf song called “two out of 3 ain't bad” but he was wrong, three out of three is much better!!

Saturday night had us at Huntly for the 2010 Waikato Champs. Having won the event for the last 2 years we were keen to give it our best shot for a three peat!

14 mods fronted with 3 visitors from Stratford, 8s Sean Rice, 12s Jason Kalin and 55s Paul Ward all making the trip up. The home track provided 2 entries, 18h and 24h Bruce Watt. Rotorua 1 in Glen Lloyd in the 22r machine and Auckland supplied the remaining 8 with 1nz, 6a, 7a, 21a, 36a, 64a and 78a.
After much discussion during the week the format was confirmed as a standard championship grid draw with marbledraw heat 1 and front / middle / rear starts. Foxy drew grid 6 for heat 1 which gave us grid 13 heat 2 and grid 1 for heat 3.

Leaving from grid 6 and after a bit of a battle with firstly 22r and then 55s, Foxy hit the front after about 4 laps and proceeded to extend his lead to the finish. A great drive with 2 nice outside passes on a track that was smooth but tightly packed... It is always a nice start to any championship when you can win the first heat.

Heat 2 and leaving from the rear, Foxy knew he would have more of a challenge this time round. Brian in the 6a machine led away from his grid 2 start and was never threatened. Foxy made slow but steady progress through the field looking for opportunities for inside passes as the outside of the track lacked the speed required to make outside passes. Pole line was just too fast.
By race end Foxy had moved his way into 4th from his rear start and all over the bumper of Paul Ward in the 55s machine. Paul was keeping his car tight down on pole and never gave Foxy the opportunity to make a clean pass.

After 2 heats Foxy and the 55s machine of Paul Ward were tied on 25 points each. They had a two point buffer on Grant Harris in the 64a car with another point back to Brian Jesen in the 6a mod. We were pretty relaxed as we had now done both out mid and rear field starts and knew we were leaving from grid 1 in the last heat. 55s Paul Ward was to leave from grid 10, Grant Harris from grid 5 and Brian from grid 12.
As expected Foxy cleared away from the front and was coming around to start lapping cars when the first yellow was needed. At this stage the 8s machine of Sean Rice was running 2nd but on the restart he had no answer and Foxy quickly started re-establishing his lead. An eventful race with many position changes was going on back in the pack but Foxy just kept with the basics and easily came home in front.

In the final points wash up Foxy had a comfortable 4 point buffer back to the 64a mod of Grant Harris in 2nd place with the 8s machine of Sean Rice rounding out the top 3.
Foxy's laptimes on the night were again consistent the whole night from race to race and the track was pretty slick in the later races due to it being tightly packed, this tends to show that we are definitely on the right track with our new setup and we are sure that with more fine tuning we can improve our lap times.

The season is really starting to wind now and we have some decisions to make on how many more meets we will do. Rotorua at Easter is a no brainer and we are really looking forward to 2 great nights of racing. Night 1 will be the BOP champs that were rescheduled due to the rain out in November. We will be going all out to win this as it would give us a clean sweep of all the regional events we have raced in this season. Already in the bank is the Taranaki champs, Auckland champs and Huntly champs. The BOP champs would put the icing on the cake. Night 2 and we start from scratch for the Easter champs, Best pairs and Ginge Heywood. Pretty unlikely you can win all of these due to the fact that the grid for the Ginge Heywood trophy is based on finishing positions in the Easter Champs, do well in those and you are off the back in the Ginge. We have been close to taking this out before but as yet it is one that has evaded us.

A decision on what we will do with remaining race dates will be made on a week by week basis after Easter. Our engine is starting to clock up meetings now and is really due for a complete rebuild. We will not risk doing one too many meetings just for the sake of running.
See you in Rotorua for Easter.

Team Fox



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