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Waikaraka Park - 13th March 2010

Saturday night had us at Waikaraka Park for the last point's night of the season. After the disappointment of the Dirt Cup a few weeks back it was good to get back out on the track and get back to business as usual.

A lot of soul searching went on in the last fortnight and a fair bit of brainstorming. The team went back to basics and thought long and hard about where we had gone wrong a fortnight ago. There is no doubt that complacency got the better of us at the Dirt Cup, we have known all season that our car has not been as good as it should be in the latter races on a race night when the track starts to go off but because we have been winning these races anyway we have been reluctant to change anything. This has now changed and we have started with a completely new set up concept that looks to have real potential in fixing our slick track setup issues. They say you learn more from losing than winning and I have to agree.

The results on Saturday night were secondary to how we compared to our own times race to race. With only 7 cars in attendance, the racing was never going to be that exciting so we concentrated on our own performance. Format was the standard front, middle, back 3 heat format and our rear start was in heat 1 from grid 7. Within half a lap Foxy was in front and race over. This was exactly the same in heat 2 and 3. The real pleasing part for us was that Foxy's lap times were consistent all night and his fastest lap in the feature was on par with his fastest lap in heat 1 and this is what we are trying to get to. For the first real time this season Foxy was able to pull away from the pack in the feature when the track was at its worst, up to now we have been able to hold our own but not really dominate, we did on Saturday.

This weekend we are heading to Huntly to try and defend our Waikato Champs title. If we do it will be 3 in a row. Format for the event looks to be similar to the Dirt Cup format with pole shuffle included. I have no idea what sort of field is expected but if they are able to get some of the Stratty boys to come up then it will be interesting racing and we will need to be better on a slick track for 20 laps than we have been so far this season. This meeting should tell us if we are on the right track or not with our new setup ideas.

At this stage our only other confirmed meeting this season is the double header at Rotorua over Easter. We are really looking forward to getting back to 2 great nights of racing in Vegas as it hasn't been like this for a number of years. Before this meeting there is the John Webster Memorial meeting at Waikaraka on the 27th March but at this stage we are not sure if we are running in this meeting.
See you at Huntly on Saturday!

Team Fox



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