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Time to get serious!

Saturday night had Team Fox at Waikaraka Park as support to the North Island Super saloon champs. We were looking forward to it after not turning a lap in approx 3 weeks due to acts of god, rainouts and stand-downs.

Earlier in the week it looked like we would have 14 mods front with everyone a local! The numbers are starting to get better and it is great to see. Crumpie in the 36a machine pulled out late in the week, running out of time to get his new machine back together. The 65a mod of Bruce Watt was also a non starter due to work commitments.
The 21a mod of Gary Parker was simply a no show after confirming during the week he was going to front. It is frustrating when this happens and is simply not acceptable. A simple heads up by phone only takes a few minutes and is basic manners.
Numbers were bought back up to 12 by the addition of our only visitor on the night from Huntly, that being Kevin Shannon in the 8h machine. Thanks Kevin.

Auckland cars in attendance were 1nz, 6a, 7a, 18a, 19a, 22a, 25a, 29a, 33a, 56a and 64a.

The aim on Saturday was to put on a bit of a show, so with no prizemoney up for grabs, we agreed to a handicap format that would see us leaving from the rear the entire night. We also agreed to spread the field out to reduce the risks of damage to anyone. This meant that we in effect started over ½ a lap down from the guys off the front. The format achieved its aim by producing exciting racing for the punters with plenty of passing.

The pace is hoting up at home and this is evident in that, with the guys being able to get up to speed due to the reduced pressure around them by virtue of the spaced starting order, it made it harder for the quicker guys to make passes. 10 laps is not a lot of time if there are no hold ups and the result was that we saw guys get results that are not normally seen. This is good for the class and the public. Brian Jesen in the 6a machine took the honors in the first race on a slippery track surface. He was followed home by the 29a mod of Mark Wade and Glen Lloyd in the 22a machine. Foxy came home 4th.

Heat 2 and it was the 22a machine that made the most of his mid field start to take out the win. He was followed home by Brian in the 6a machine and Foxy in 3rd. This was a great recovery from Foxy because at the start he hit a wet patch entering turn 1 for the first time and hit the picks, this caused the engine to stall and he was a passenger as the car slid into the wall. He was able to re-fire straight away without losing too much time and continue on.

Heat 3 was a ding dong race with battles for position right across the field. Glen in the 22a car capped off a great debut night taking this one out again from his mid field start while Foxy was able to pip 29a Mark Wade for 2nd right on the line. Considering our starting positions we were pretty happy at the end of the night with a 4th, 3rd and 2nd placing. The meeting served its purpose for us in that Foxy had to come from the rear in every race and use different parts of the track to find passing lanes. This will be of great benefit come championship time when titles will be decided by who is able to work there way through a field.

This week heralds the real start of the season for us with a trip down to Stratford to try and defend our Taranaki champs title. Do well in this event over 3 races and the chances of taking out the Ginge Heywood Memorial at the end of the night will be remote. The grid for this one off title race is decided by the results of the Taranaki Champs, win the champs and you leave from dead last in the Ginge Heywood. We have never won the Ginge Heywood and it is on our “to do” list before we pack it in as Ginge was a good mate of ours. We will not, however, sacrifice our chances in the Taranaki Champs to put us in a better position to win the Ginge so whatever will be, will be. The word is that we could have 18-20 starters on Saturday and there are 6 Aucklanders making the trek down to support the event. Foxy will be joined by 19a Scott Lane, 25a Paul Steward, 29a Mark Wade, 33a Chris Drube, and 64a Grant Harris. When you throw in the 8-10 locals and up to 4 Wellington boys out for revenge from their local title event a few weeks ago it will be a doozey!

The following weekend will see us racing on a Sunday instead of the normal Saturday night. Whangarei is the venue for the re-borne 30 lap classic on December 19th. The trick in this one may be not to run out of gas!! We are looking forward to it.

December the 28th will have Team Fox in Rotorua for the Bay of Plenty Modified Champs. This is running as support to finals night of the NZ Superstocks champs and again we have an 18 car field assembled for this event. 18 mods in the Valley will sound impressive but there is no denying it will be a hard ask on the tight track. Foxy is also the defending champion of this title as well so you can see we have very little to gain in the next few weeks but a lot to lose! We hope to come away still holding the title. Cars attending are 1nz, 6a, 7a, 19a, 22a, 25a, 33a, 36a, 56a, 64a, 65a, 2nz, 4s, 8s, 55s, 67s, 71s and 226s. Pretty impressive!

See you at Stratty this weekend and don't forget to ring your calendar now for the dates of 21/22 January for the NZ Modified champs at Waikaraka followed by the Fastening Solutions Dirt Cup on Auckland Anniversary weekend, January 29th. There are new announcements to be made soon with regard Dirt Cup night that should get the fans excited, rest assured a big night is planned and you will not want to be anywhere else….. Believe me!!

Watch this space!!!!



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