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Rotorua club night 19/12/08

The team would like to thank Sonja and the Rotorua club for allowing us to come down for a run last Friday night. Stan needs to be commended on the work he has done on improving the track surface at Paradise Valley . In the past I have been quick to criticise Rotorua on what I thought was a sub standard track surface for good modified racing but I am happy to say that the work that has, and continues, to be done is fantastic, and boy what a difference! The track was a little dry by their own admission but even slightly dry the track offers more drive than it has for years and talking to both Stan and Sonja on Friday night it seems they haven't finished yet with big plans in place for next season. This will make for some great racing and really puts the icing on the cake on what is rapidly becoming the premier Stockcar track in the country in all areas of operation.

The Friday night club night is not something we normally participate in but having had to start from scratch with the new car we need all the track time we can get. I can't believe that more of the mod guys currently running don't make it a priority to attend these meetings due to the ?no pressure? structure. There are a number of guys running out of Auckland alone who would benefit immensely from attending these nights to learn more about their setups and try different things instead of doing this on normal race nights.

We went down to Rotorua having made massive changes to the car in gearing and suspension after what we learnt running at Waikaraka. Straight off the trailer we were pretty close with times in the low 15 second mark on the first run. One thing that was obvious is that even though we had been out the week before buying lower gear sets, to get the engine in to the rev range we needed, we still hadn't gone far enough. The car currently has gears in it 7 sets lower than anything we have ever run at Rotorua before and another trip to Cardwell Racing Supplies is required this week to get even lower sets! This is the benefit of running on Friday as we now know what is needed for this weekend at the North Island champs.

Knowing we would need to make do with the gears we had we concentrated on the car setup. Changes were made for the second run and we did get improvement in the lap times with laps 5 through to 10 all being in the high 14 second mark. One of these laps broke the lap record set a few weeks back at the BOP champs so at least we knew we were on the right track. For the 3 rd and last run we made some changes we have always wanted to try at Rotorua, but never had the opportunity to. The times in the 3 rd run were better again than the 2 nd run with all laps being in the 14 second bracket. Foxy was able to lower the record again and we finished up feeling like we are starting to head in the right direction. Given the right gears and reasonable track conditions, I have no doubt that we can go significantly quicker at Rotorua so that gives us confidence leading into this weekend.

Due to the situation we find ourselves in we have had to revamp our racing calendar and we will attend the following meetings:

27/12/08 / Rotorua / NI champs
02/01/09 / Stratford / Club night
10/01/09 / Whangarei / Trophy meeting
17/01/09 - Auckland / club night
24/01/09 / Auckland / club night
29/30/31/01/09 / Stratford / New Zealand champs

Merry Christmas to all and we hope people take it easy on the roads.

See you at a track soon.

Team Fox



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