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Celebrity Charity night - Auckland 24th Nov.

The weather was dicey all day but racing got away on Saturday without a hitch. Mod numbers were down a tad from what we expected, but 9 cars did front for an entertaining night without any major incidents. Cars in attendance were 1nz, 3nz, 6a, 7a, 18a, 29a, 56a, 78a and 99a.

Unbeknown to us, and seems most everyone else at Waikaraka (including some committee members!), some new clay was added during the week to the track. It caught a few by surprise and caused its share of problems over the night. Great idea to add surface, and there is no doubt that it was needed, but to be honest it should have been done prior to the season starting as it takes a while for the surface to bed in. What we had on Saturday was some pretty big holes appear and it was pure luck that cars were not trashed because of them. Hopefully by the 15th December, which is the next time Waikaraka runs, the guys will have had time to prepare the track so as to avoid these holes becoming an issue at the North Island mod champs.

Race 1 had us starting from grid 5 behind Paul Blakeley in 56a. Brian in 6a was off grid 6 and Allan (1nz) chose to run from the rear. Nathan in the 99a car got a good start from grid 4 and got to the lead on the first lap. Paul was quickly into 2nd and Foxy into 3rd. Nathan and Paul were having a battle for the lead thru most of this race taking up most of the track so Foxy had little opportunities until they sorted themselves out. This didn't look like it was going to happen and with laps running out, and a back marker coming into the equation, Foxy decided enough was enough, took the high line thru turn 3&4 and passed all 3 of them. Slight contact was made with the wall exiting turn 4 but to be honest that is nothing new with Foxy and goes with the territory. It was good to see that the “pole line” car had the ability to pass out wide when required.

Video Clip Race 1

Race 2 had a generous starting position for 6a Brian Jesen (grid 2). Foxy was to leave from grid 6 with Paul behind us on grid 7. Allan again chose to start from the rear. As expected Brian shot out to the lead with 78a Ray Chatfield giving chase from his grid 1 start. Ray was driving a great race and was able to keep with Brian for the first half of the race and it took Foxy a good few laps to find a way around the outside thru turns 3&4. Once into 2nd Foxy closed in on Brian and these two had a good battle for the remainder of the race. Brian was running on the cushion which left Foxy with the pole line as the only place he could try to pass. We didn't have the car quite good enough to run down low and although Foxy had a couple of looks on the inside line he couldn't quite pull the pass off having to settle for second.

Video Clip Race 2

Race 3 and the feature for night had us leaving from grid 7, directly behind the #6 car of Brian Jesen. Paul started from grid 8 while Allan again chose to start from the rear (not sure what is going on here but at the end of the day it is his choice). Wadey in 29a shot out to an early lead from grid 1 while behind him Nathan in 99a had a wee moment that let Brian and then Foxy thru. Once Brian caught up to Wadey a wee bit of hesitation by him allowed Foxy to claim the outside line and he duly drove around both Brian and Wadey thru turns 1&2. With a handful of laps to run Allan in the 1nz car spun to the infield (not sure what the cause was) and then reentered the race in front of Foxy. Allan got held up trying to pass the 7a car of Ron Drake and this slowed Foxy down enough to allow Brian and Paul (who was now running 3rd) to close in on him. The drama was short-lived as once Foxy got past Ron he was able to comfortably hold on for the feature win. This makes it 2 from 2 for feature wins this season and also means that Foxy has now won 6 of his last 7 races with the other result being a 2nd. Long may it continue!

Video Clip Race 3

This weekend Foxy will be joined by fellow Aucklanders 6a, 18a, 21a, 56a and 99a in representing the club at the Bay of Plenty Champs in Rotorua. This will be our first run at Rotorua for 2 years and we are looking forward to seeing first hand the many improvements the club has made in this time. Sonya has lined up a class field of 14 cars for this event and it will be a timely shakedown prior to the North Islands up here a couple of weeks later.

Up-coming meets for 3nz mod:
1st December Rotorua – Bay of Plenty Champs
8th December – no racing
15th December Waikaraka – North Island Champs

See ya at the park

Team Fox



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