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  Slow but steady progress...

Here we are 4 weeks away from first practice still with a lot to do.

The new J&J chassis has had a few minor alterations done to make sure it meets the New Zealand rules and has now been sandblasted and powder coated. We have decided on a colour scheme but this will be kept under wraps until the car hits the track.

We are currently waiting on the last of the new parts to arrive from the States and we hope to sight them within a couple of weeks. All going to plan we will have the car together by the end of the month but it will be tight.

The engine is due back from Engine Dynamics in the next 7-10 days and, although we are changing the mounting of the fuel and power steering pumps so they run off the back of the engine, we don't envisage too many hold-ups in getting the engine in the car and running (fingers crossed!).

The new body is currently away with the boys getting painted and we hope to get that out to the signwriters in the next week or so as well. The 2 new wings we have coming in from the States have been designed to incorporate the latest aerodynamic developments in the States while still complying to the local modified regulations and these are also due to arrive in the next week or so. Once here they will be sent to the signwriters as well so Clint will be busy!

We have made the decision to run with the newly designed Bert sprintbox that has been developed in the States. The box is the new generation version of the Bert boxes currently being used here in New Zealand and it is an impressive piece of work. We expect this box to give us greater performance, as it will not drain as much horsepower from the engine as the old triple disk clutch system we used to run. The proof will be seen on the track I suppose.

All the above happenings does'nt leave us much time to sort out the inevitable little fiddly things that need to be done when you have a brand new car but we are reasonably confident we will make at least 1 of the practices at the park before the season starts. It will however require a few late nights I would think!

See you at Waikaraka Family Speedway on opening night.

Team Fox


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