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  Final countdown.

The season is slowly coming to an end and we only have 5 meetings left to run.

Saturday had us at Waikaraka park for the first time since the Dirt Cup. That was over a month ago!

The car had to have the front of the chassis replaced during the week due to the damage sustained in Wellington last week. We were able to salvage the wing with some crude panelbeating, and although not overly pretty, it should do for the rest of the season (barring accidents!!). The damaged front end was stripped for parts and the beam was chucked in the scrap bin. The new left front tyre, put on a couple of weeks back, is also scrap along with the left front shock. Expensive weekend!!

Only 8 cars fronted which is disappointing although, with the way cars have been dropping off this season, it wasn't a surprise. To try and make things interesting the guys were given 10 lap races and the faster cars where handicapped ? lap down on the rest.

Race 1 had 86a, 18a, 29a and 25a up the front. On the backstraight Foxy and Brian (6a) started behind Paul (56a) and Nathan Robertson (99a). Paul and Foxy got the better start and it wasn't long (3rd lap in fact) that the two had caught up to the cars in front. Foxy was able to pass Paul at this time and made quick work of the other guys in front. By lap 7 he was in the lead and coasted home for the win. 86a (Glen Hughes) held on for 2nd followed by 6a, 56a, 29a and 99a.

Race 2 was more of the same, although Nathan's bad run in the 1st race saw him promoted to the front group and this only left Brian, Paul and Foxy to start ? a lap down. Foxy started behind Paul and Brian but got passed Paul on the first lap. Brian was making the 6a car pretty wide on the track and did a great job of stopping Foxy's momentum. It wasn't until lap 7 that they caught up to the guys in front this time and Foxy seized his opportunity to pass Brian in the traffic jam. Things got a bit hairy coming out of pitbend with 4 cars fighting over the lead and Foxy (running the highline) got held up when 29a Mark Wade ran a bit high coming off the turn taking Foxy's line (unintentionally). This allowed 99a thru on the inside and although Foxy was able to pass 29a, he ran out of time to pass Nathan. 99a, 3nz, 29a, 6a, 86a, 56a.

Race 3 and they decided to run Brian, Paul and Foxy 3 wide at the start (again ? a lap down). This could easily have turned to custard if one of them had got a bit loose at the start but they all agreed to do it to try something a bit different. In the end it was a bit of a fizzer and although all got away cleanly it didn't really offer anything special to the race. Brian actually got the best start from the inside but Foxy was out wide and took a lot more speed into the first turn. Coming off the turn he had a good 2-3 car length lead on Brian and it was pretty much good night nurse from there. By lap 5 he had caught and passed most of the guys in front and was running 2nd. By lap 7 he had caught and passed Glen in 86a (who was running off song anyway) and cruised home for the win. 3nz, 86a, 6a, 56a.

2 wins and a 2nd on the night were nice but the best thing was no damage! Foxy now has a healthy lead in the season points for the year and, with only 1 more points meeting to run, looks to have these sewn up.

This week is night 2 of the Fastening Solutions Auckland Modified Champs. 18 cars fronted for night 1 back in January but unfortunately as only the guys who ran night 1 can run on night 2, and some have parked up for the season, we are down to 14 starters for the title. The title is decided over 4 races (1 on night 1 and the remaining 3 this weekend). Drivers get to drop their worst race.
A list of the guys (with their points after night 1) who have confirmed their attendance are:

3nz 20 points
77s 19 points
55s 18 points
6a 17 points
56a 16 points
86a 15 points
18r 14 points
96h 12 points
15r 11 points
7a 10 points
38a 9 points
99a 8 points
18a 0 points
29a 0 points

Note: 71s has 13 points but due to damage received in Stratford last weekend is unable to attend.

The following weekend we will run on the Saturday as a support class for the Teams Champs at Waikaraka. This will be the last club points night for the season.
The 31st March is down as the John Webster Memorial meeting and at this stage mods are not included in the programme.

We can confirm that Foxy will be attending the Modified Invasion meeting at Woodford Glen at Easter weekend accompanied by 6a Brian Jesen, 56a Paul Blakeley and 99a Nathan Robertson. With crews and families etc there are 26 of us making the trip down and we are looking forward to it. With cars also expected from Stratford and Wellington this meeting has all the hallmarks of being a ripper!

The last run for the #11a mod this season will be the King of the Park meeting at Waikaraka on the weekend after Easter.

See you at the track

Team Fox


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